Anal Sex Near A Lake While Travelling To Coorg-II

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Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is an anal sex story of a couple who set on a trip to celebrate their 3 years of togetherness. Read Our first part at Anal Sex Near A Lake While Travelling To Coorg

When he was too much turned up, he held my head tight and rode his dick into my mouth. The mouth fucking with his 8-inch thick dick is always a pleasure for me to cherish. He rode hard in that seating position by holding his in my mouth. Rode my mouth while grunting and stopped when he finally came.

It was done and I sat properly by taking out my legs from the window. I cleaned my mouth with the tissue paper, but his boxer was wet with his liquids. He cleaned it and zipped up. Opened a can of coke and drank together with funny conversations.

Then after half an hour, we started our journey again. Still, there is another 3 hours journey which we have to cover.

It was 3:30 AM when we reached Honnamana Kere Lake, Coorg was almost 1.5 hours journey from Honnamana kere. There is beautiful lake which is very good to visit during daytime. After reaching Honnamana, we went nearby lake which was very difficult in the night time to go.

But Siraj was reluctant and went nearby, he got a naughty thought when he realized that there is no one near the lake. He whispered in my ear, let’s make it baby. I was equally excited with the thought of making love in open space.

We hugged at first and then I turned around. He placed his hands on my boobs and pressed them. Then took those hands down at my navel and inserted them into my pants. Rubbed my pussy before disrobing my pants.

I took my hands to my back and placed at his dick, then with my magical hands, I started unbuttoning his jeans. He took lowered my pants and then my panty. I thought he will ride my pussy, but then he placed his hands on my ass cheeks and gave a sweet spank before inserting his finger into my anal.

As he inserted his finger, I found my lovely boyfriend’s evil plan. 😀 I objected lightly but he said, it will awesome to do anal sex in between greenery. Aww! Even I was convinced.

First, he inserted his thump finger and then forefinger, after give a front and back movement with his forefinger, he rubbed his monster dick which gets erected quickly in between my butt chicks.

After pressing his dick in between my butt cheeks, he first inserted the point of his dick which entered slightly in with gentle push and then he pushed hard by holding my shoulders and stretching back. His whole dick was into my anal in no time.

The climate was cold and we were heating up our bodies with anal sex, he slides in and out with his dick. Stroked slowly and then took his whole dick out and inserted again. After a little playing with my anal hole, he decided to give me the best moment to remember and fucked my pussy with hard punches.

We both were moaning together and those moans in that deserted area were creating a resounding. We do carry our adventure for some more time before calling it done.

After we are done, we started going towards our jeep and when we got into the jeep and relaxing, we saw people were going to take holy bath in the lake. We checked the time and it was almost 4:30 AM in the morning.

We spent one hour in our anal sex saga in between the lush green world is what we finally concluded before moving ahead on our journey to Coorg. A lot more happened in Coorg and those stories will come in next episode. But for now I can say, this was the best sex we had in that whole 5 days trip.

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