Anal Sex Story Of An Aunt Who Got Intimate With A Call Boy

anal sex

Hi Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is an anal sex story of a lady who enjoyed it with her young boyfriend, who is a call boy as well.

I am Pushpa, living in Delhi. Coming to my background, I am a rich woman who can buy whatever I like. A couple of years back I started increasing my like for youngsters. I like youngsters who will be 10 to 15 yrs younger than me and especially who dick will be a dick.

I like a man with good height, well-maintained body, and big cock. Those are my preferences when I choose any youngster to satisfy my needs.

During this quest, I use to call boys to my home to get satisfied by them. And I do this when my husband goes for outdoor trips. As the husband is not very interested in sex, I had chosen this way to continue my marriage without any problems. And it’s working.

I would like to tell the story in which I had sex with Nikhil who is 15 yrs younger than me and he fulfilled all my preferences. I had sex with him for the first time in the last year and finally, I stopped with others and permanently got settled with him.

He comes whenever I feel horny and I look after all his needs. I gifted him a house as well which I bought especially for him and I pay him more than what he can earn on a job.
So, he is a 6’2” tall and owns an 8” long dick which dicked me for a long time. I like to blow his dick especially and he enjoys it. He praises my 40 yr old body and now I am doing work out to be fit due to his encouragement.

My big boobs and curvy structure always lure him and gets his dick erected early than expected time and we enjoyed our intercourse sessions a lot.

This is my anal sex with him in which we tried a couple of different thing after getting inspired by porn clippings.

First, he bought a dildo for me and inserted it into anal without even fingering it. He inserted it deep and kept it like that.

After inserting dick into my anal, he turned me and made me laid on the bed in missionary style. Then he entered into me with his erected big dick which is a replica of monster and pounded me hard.

He dick was pounding my pussy and the dildo was constant without any moment in my anal. Then he moved the dildo for a while and rotated it in my anal. I was moaning for his action at my assets and he was horny as hell.

There was a hanger and he tied my hands to it, I stood with provoking booty and his dick was at my anal this time. As the hole became big with a dildo, he removed the dildo and entered his dick into my anal with a single shot.

I screamed loud as his dick was insanely big and it pained a lot when it entered into my anal. But I felt good when his dick sailed through big ass cheeks.

I like his dick touches around my whole body and it felt very special when he took it through ass cheeks. So, when he was into my anal, he took my held my waist and I was motionless as I was tied at the clothes hanger with my hands.

By holding my waist tight, he pounded me hard with hardcore strokes. His every stroke was going dick and I can sense his balls were banging my ass cheeks.

His pounding ways is special, he thumps hard and give a second time and then thumps again. It kind of gives goosebumps and I love it. He pounded me till came and it took a long-lasting hour for him to cum. 😉

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