Co-Workers Did Anal Sex In The Co-Working Space Toilet

anal sex

Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is an anal sex story of Aadhya and Pavan who are working for different start-ups in a co-working space in Hyderabad.

I am Aadhya, I am working for a start-up which has taken a co-working space in on of the renounced coworking place. We are four in the team and I don’t want to disclose the name of my company.

Pavan uses to work in another startup but his desk was opposite to mine. So, we always shared the stares. Let me tell you about Pavan, he is a handsome guy with 5’10” height and wheatish complexion. His complexion was his asset.

After getting easy in the office premises, both of our company colleagues started hanging around and finally we use to hang out during lunch breaks.

The companies for which we were working both decided to shift our work timings to the night hours. It’s been 6 months were in touch and our WhatsApp chats were also increasing.

One day, we discussed our sex life, like if we had such encounter in life. Without any hesitation, I have told him that I had a good sex life with my ex. And even he confessed that he had sex with his ex-girlfriend.

So, due to this confession, our discussion suddenly took a turn towards sex talks more than casual talks. We use to send sex jokes, images of celebrities and porn videos to each other. During one such post, he sent me an anal sex video.

I asked him whether he did anal sex earlier, he said he didn’t as his girlfriend wasn’t interested in it. Then he asked me and again I told him the truth that I did it with my ex and I liked it a lot.

After this statement, he asked me few question like how good it is, how thick my ex dick was, did I had the pain etc., I patiently answered to him that it was awesome, my ex-boyfriend dick was not very thick and at first it pained while inserting but then later it was heaven.

As we were having this conversation in the break of our working hours, I can check that his dick was taking the toll in his pants. I pointed at his dick and then giggle, he kept hands on his dick and laughed. The people in the cafeteria suddenly looked at us when he laughed loud and then we closed our mouth with our hands to giggle.

Our talks took horse pace from snail pace and soon we reached a conclusion that we need to get hooked. He proposed for this hookup and I demanded him for anal sex, both are happy with our deal and started looking for a better time and place to finish it off.

It was a festive night and a couple of our team members took leave, so not everyone will get leave in start-ups I came to the office and he came to the office as well.

So, only 4 members were present from two companies and the whole 5 story building was filled with tranquil. That day we decided to get hooked in the cafeteria after 12 in the midnight after knowing that no management staff has come.

As we had already inspected the place during the dinner time, we were pretty confident that it is the one we needed and we can make it work on that day itself. So, after reaching cafeteria, we went into the washroom of women.

Only two women were present that day which includes me, so I was pretty sure that she won’t come upstairs to use the washroom as one washroom is already on her floor. So, we went inside it and I locked it.

After going in, I didn’t wait for him to start. I was thirsty for sex for more than 3 yrs since my break up and I felt like I got a jackpot and if I don’t approach first then I may miss it.

As I went near to him and started smooching, his hands went on my ass cheeks and started pressing them. I felt really turned when he pressed my ass cheeks. I ran my hands around his waist and pressed my fingers into him. My nails made few marks on his back.

Then he turned me around and kiss my neck, licked with his tongue on my neck till should and played in my ear with his tongue. Then he was about to remove my top, I stopped him and it will take more time people may suspect if they don’t find us for such long time.

So, instead of turned around and getting naked, I placed my hand on his dick and understood it’s in shaped. Unzipped his pant and took his dick out from his underwear, when that shaft came out it surprised me.

It was indeed big and very big compared to my earlier boyfriend. I widened my eyes, he bent over my shoulder and whispered in my ear ‘Will it fit?’ with a wink. I winked back and said, I think so and turned around to place my leg on the toilet to get pounded in my anal in doggy style.

He opened the condom, dick got dressed in a condom, he spits in his hand at first and then applied it to my anal hole. Then he inserted his finger into my anal, moved it up and down, inserted another finger and did the same movement. Then went the third finger and at that time I moaned in pain but didn’t stop him.

After fingering, I turned towards him and said, please pound my anal, now I can’t wait anymore. He replied back with, even I can’t wait and tapped his dick at the entrance before entering into it. Rubbed his whole shaft in between the ass crack by holding my ass cheeks tight.

Then he started slowly started guiding the dick into the anal hole to make anal sex successful, the tip went in but the whole thing wasn’t easy to go. He tried for some time and whenever it was about to go I moved away due to pain.

He decided to hold me tight and to pound in one go, he did it with one go and closed my mouth tight to no to scream. That was horrendous and felt like it had torn my hole, he moved front and back I was still in pain.

So, he didn’t remove his hand from my mouth when I also started enjoying by placing my hands on my ass cheeks and encouraging him to thump deep by widening them. We made out for 10 minutes and he came, then when we stopped and dressed to get back to our floor.

Lucky me, didn’t get noticed by any. Finally, It was an awesome experience which I would love to do it again.

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