Spectator Narrating Anal Sex Story Happened In The Hampi

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Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. It is an anal sex story which happened in the Hampi Bazaar.

I am Naina, I am a solo traveler and I often see many weird things in a day while traveling. This is one such weird and exciting story from my Hampi diaries.

I booked a bed in the dormitory to explore Hampi. In that Dormitory, I met Alexia and Irvin who hail from London. Alexia and I share shame room in the women’s dormitory, so that’s how I met her.

She introduced her boyfriend Irvin and we three became a gang to explore the wonder of Hampi together. We ate, danced and roamed together.

One day at 9 PM, Alexia and Irvin asked me to wait at Virupaksha temple and they went to some place which they didn’t say. They just asked me to wait for an hour and they will be back, I said OK and waited for them.

It happened for 3 days continuously and I got suspicious about their activities, a spy in me wanted to know what they were doing. And finally, I decided to secretly follow them this time.

That day they asked me to wait at the Virupaksha temple again and they left on their bicycles. I took mine and followed them secretly. It was 8 PM in the evening and I saw them going towards Krishna temple, actually, they went to Krishna Bazaar which is opposite to Krishna Temple.

That bazaar is big with a pool in between, no one comes there at that time and they were all alone. I saw them going into Krishna Bazaar, but I didn’t go quickly. I took some time to get them settle down and then I started my spy game.

I went into Krishna Bazaar from another entrance and from a distance, I was observing them. Though there were no lights, the other lights of the place were enough to figure out what they were doing actually.

Irvin pinned Alexia to the pillar of the Bazaar and was kissing on her neck. She was giggling quietly and then he smooched her. She held his hair while smooching and she was running her fingers through his hair.

Then she pinned him to the pillar this time, went on her knees and took his dick out from his shorts. His dick was in sleeping mode and she was playing with it.

Her touch made his dick to get into the semi-erection mode and she took it into her mouth. Once she sucked it and then she stroked it. Again she sucked it till the balls and then moved down to the balls.

Her suck was literally making his dick take an erecting form when once it was erected he held her head tight and mouth fucked her for a long time. Her mouth was filled with his cum and she was gagging on his strokes.

Now he made her stand and removed her shorts. She was with no panties and he went in between her legs and suck her pussy lips. She was in the standing position and he was under her pussy on his knees.

Played with her clit and sucked her lips, then he licked her anal hole and then tongued it. He tongued her for a long time and made it wet with his saliva.

Then he took his dick and guided it towards the pussy in the same position. She was bent as earlier and he was into her. Riding her by holding her hip tight and while riding her pussy he spanked on her ass.

He took one of her up and folded back and guided his dick this time in the anal, the dick slid straight into her pussy and he was very horny. Both were moaning together in that position.

Thumped his dick hard into her anal and then turned her around, she slapped him to make him more aggressive. When she slapped him, he took her on his hands and inserted her dick into the anal.

She was in the air and he was pounding her with hard strokes. For every stroke, she was bouncing up and down on his dick.

After a good session, they both stood still and hugged each other. He kissed her forehead and she kissed his lips.

They both got dressed up and were coming out, I wanted to scare them so I straightaway went and stood in front of them. They were shell-shocked after seeing me, they don’t have any place to hide now.

So, I said, will you tell me what you did or you want me to tell you what I saw. I can see their panicked faces and the prank was going beyond, laughed loud and said, that was a great show.

We three laughed together this time and finally, they were open to me. From next time even they take me with them, but to be a watchwoman.

But it was fun hanging out with them.

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