Couple Caught while Doing Sex And That Turned Into Cuckold


Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is a cuckold story of a couple who did sex with their neighbor Mr. Chary.

I am Chaya, 26 yrs old and I am a housewife. I studied till PG and worked for 3yrs, but due to health complication I gave up work and staying at home. I look good with sexy structure and also with medium sized boobs.

My husband looks very handsome and with big dick. We have been married for last two years and we love each other a lot. Also, our sex life is very good. Even after two years of marriage, we still think our every night is like the first night.

He always tries new things and makes our bedroom acts very horny by making sex with me for almost 2 hours a day. I am very much satisfied with my life and I would like to confess that I am super happy with him.

As I am satisfied with him, I never thought of any other man in my life after getting married. He has always insisted me to watch porn videos. We both together watch the videos and read sex stories the everyday night before indulging in the sex.

Because of him, I had seen other men dick as well in the video. He always wanted me to try group sex, wife swapping and cuckold etc., But I never liked such ideas and I wasn’t interested in any others to dick except in my husband dick.

He tried a lot to initiate the cuckold, but I always said no to him. I felt like it may seem good in the porn movie, but in reality, it may not be good. So, I always said no.

I never wanted to think about anyone except my husband. But I never expected that cuckold sex will happen to me. I and my husband live on the 3rd floor of the house. Another family where Mr. Chary use to live with his 2 sons who were in their SSC. He is a widow and he lost his wife 5 yrs back.

After a couple of months, Mr. Chary sons became my friends. So, they use to come to meet me while going on the terrace to play cricket after school. That friendship led to call his father as well during the celebration of a festival.

So, that’s how we met each other and my husband became fascinated by Mr. Chary knowledge in online business. He soon started coming to our house regularly. Lately, I and my husband observed that he is observing me for most of the time when he is present in my house.

He also started going to terrace more nowadays than earlier only to check on me. As this was observed by my husband as well, he asked me whether I am interested to have sex with him. Mr. Chary is a 38 Yr old man with strong body and with awesome height.

I said no again this time and I calmly went on to look after my work. After a week an incident happened due to which I broke my stand on ‘Only Husband Dick’. That day after some house cleaning work, I dozed off due to tiredness without closing the door.

I felt a sensation at my feet and woked up quickly, found my husband who is licking ice cream by applying it to my feet. I felt shy and in no time he was on my lips. I was feeling uneasy and not cooperating with him, then he asked whether I am not interested in sex now. I said yes, and he replied back saying then it will be more fun.

He was on me in no time and smooched for a long time. Then removed my kurta which I wore without any bra, boobs were inviting him and he jumped on them. Sucked my boobs with ice cream and bit my nipple at times.

Then he removed my pants and panty, pushed me to the bed and sucked my pussy lips and anal hole. I was moaning and pressing my boobs simultaneously. Then my husband shook his dick in front of my face and I took it into my mouth for cock sucking.

After cock sucking, he asked me to be in doggy style and enter into me with one go. His big dick always gives me goosebumps whenever it enters into me. He thumped me with 10 to 15 strokes and right at that moment, I heard a voice and clap.

We both turned around and then to our bad we observed the entrance door was still open and we forgot about it. We also observed that Mr. Chary’s dick is out of his zip and it is in his hand. He was stroking it all the time while watching us.

He walked towards us and my husband stood up, Mr. chary asked us with ‘May I join you?’ question. I know my husband will be happy but I was skeptical. But his big dick, bigger than my husband was luring me.

My husband told him that he is OK with it but the only thing is I am not ready. Mr. Chary looked at me and asked with a seductive voice, why lady? Didn’t you like my dick size? Didn’t you like my physique?

While this discussion was happening between me and Mr. chary, my husband went to close the door. By the time he came back, I and Mr. Chary were smooching. Mr. chary just started kissing me without even asking me and took on my hand to place it on his dick.

My husband stood behind and was watching the cuckold sex show, Chary and I was making love. The moment I touched his shaft, I felt elated and enchanted with the length of his dick. Insanely horny feeling and filled with humongous zeal to get his dick into me.

He lifted me up and hugged me, then sat on the bed and played with my boobs. Fondled with them and sucked them hard. Then placed me on the bed and inserted his three fingers at a time into my pussy, he fingered my pussy till I squirted hard.

Then he asked me whether I would like to give a blowjob to him, I denied as I was still in fear of my husband. And then after my denial, he went near my pussy with condom wore dick and pushed it in. It didn’t go so easily, it created a lot of labor for him to enter into me and gave pain to me to take such huge cock.

Pushed, Pushed, Pushed and finally when it went it, he pounded me hard. Never I got pounded like that with my husband and he did it. I loved the way he pounded me and I was with juices in my pussy. I got the orgasm but waited for him to get it done.

After this session with Mr.Chary, I started admiring his dick more than my husband’s. I felt like why did I miss this kind of experience for all these days though my husband was encouraging me. Finally, till now I had participated in wife swapping and cuckold.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

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