First Time Cuckold Story Of A Married Couple


Hello Ladies, You are reading sex stories on ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is a cuckold story of a couple who are married for 7 years. They are sharing their first time cuckold sex story with us.

I am Rita Suman from Jharkhand, but presently living in Bengaluru for five years. I have been married for 7 years and my husband is a darling. I and my husband are pretty sex maniacs. šŸ˜€

Well, it all started when we together started reading sex stories and watching sex videos 5 years back. It was fun and we enjoyed those video while having sex. While watching such videos, we together watched a cuckold video, that day my husband was silent.

Basically, whatever video we watch, we use to discuss the same a lot and the do the same. But this time he was calm. I thought he might not be interested in such things, but I was interested. I loved it, I loved the thought of another man’s dick.

A week passed and next time again, the same video popped up and this time I thought to ask him what has happened and why is he calm. I asked him and he said, he has such fantasy to watch me get fucked with other man but he was skeptical about me.

I said, fool even I wanna try the same. With that he looked at me unbelievingly, I pinched his hand to make him believe. haha. Well, that night we made out with fantasies in our mind. I was fantasizing another man’s cock in my pussy and he was fantasizing me with another man.

We contacted one of our friend Rishi, who is a bachelor, he is a trustworthy guy and we thought to give him a short. He instantly said yes to us and then we planned a short trip to Kerala.

As we know him very well, we were not much worried and even he didn’t. When the trip was confirmed I was able to sleep the whole night, even after a good 1-hour session with my husband. I was imagining Rishi, dick and was getting wet.

So, we reached Kerala and Rishi was waiting for us. I smiled at Rishi and he did the same. We had lunch in the hotel room we booked. Our room was adjacent in good 5 start hotel and we were excited to start it in the evening.

My heart was pounding with anticipation as to how will be this cuckold experience. All these years I had my husband’s cock, and even never thought of having others until i watched that video. But, today I am gonna make this fantasy of mine really, not mine, it’s ours.

That evening, we three were sitting in our hotel room and casually chatting over some drink. Rishi sat beside me on the sofa, whereas my husband was in front of me. Rishi elbow was touching my hip when he was folding his hands.

My husband went out as If he got a call from someone, I and Rishi were busy in talks, Rushi bent over and kissed me. I saw that my husband was observing us from outside while talking on a call, I felt like he went out purposely to give us some space to start the show.

Rishi placed his hands on my boobs and pressed them gently. Then he bent at my boobs and bit on them, kissed them gently and started removing my dress. I helped in that process and in no time I was in my bra and panty. I guided him to the bed and he removed his clothes by that time. Oh! between, ladies he is a handsome guy with 5’10” height and strong body.

I asked whether he want me to remember panty and bra, he stopped and said, pleasure is all mine lady. I smiled at him and let him do the rest. He gently kissed my navel before removing my panty and then with his tongue he started traveling towards my pussy from the navel.

He was in between my legs and started playing with my asset with his tongue. He then sat on his knees, kept his one hand on my thigh and inserted his finger, and by this time my husband was in front of me in the chair and was enjoying the show.

I smiled at him happily and he cheered me, Rishi finger was making magic in me when he was thrusting with his two fingers hard. I was moaning for his every thrust and then encouraging him to not to stop.

He asked me to make a doggy position, and when I did, he first slapped at my pussy and then dug my pussy again with his fingers for a while.

When I was least prepared, his tool came to me with a push and it was all in. Once he was in, he started showing his monster in my pussy with powerful plunges. He banged me for almost 20 mins in the same position till he came.

For that night we ended it in this way.

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