First Time Sex Story Of School Friends From Mysore

first time sex

Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is a first time sex story of Srujana which happened in 2013 with her boyfriend at her home. Do read this real story and drop your feedback.

I am Srujana, presently pursuing Fashion Designing Course in Bangalore. I hail from Mysore and this is my real story which happened with my ex who came to the home for a casual meet.

It was 2013 May and our HSC board exams were already done. I was at my home and getting bored during my summer holidays. Right at that time, my friend Joshua called me that he came back from the holidays for which he went to his grandpa’s house and now he would like to meet me. So, I called him to my home itself instead of going out.

So before moving ahead, I wanted to tell you about a couple of our previous meetings, so you could understand my story better.

I and Joshua are school friends. In fact, we were the team in Quiz competitions and attended many together in other schools as well to participate on behalf of a school.

At that time our bonding of friendship or you may call it as affection or attraction was increasing day by day. Many times we walked by holding hands and during the final days of our schooling we kissed, I mean smooched. That’s when it started.

The smooch was in a hurry but he never proposed before that kiss. And even I allowed him to kiss because maybe somewhere I have got attracted to him!

After that kiss day, we tried finding places to get intimate. We romanced where he will hold my face and smooch hard. At times biting my lip while smooching. We even use to keep competition of kiss like non-stop for half an hour smooch or sometimes more.

We reached HSC, but unfortunately, due to parents intervene we had chosen different colleges. He enrolled for basketball in the college and even I did. It was our plan and finally, we together started traveling for sports events in a group.

When we went to Bangalore to represent our district in the state-level meet, at that time we made romance again in the stadium on the steps which were built for the audience to seat. We would have almost made out, but safety first, so due to the absence of condom we stopped at that time.

Days went on and college got over, but we never dared to make it though we romanced for N number of times. Then our choice of profession differed, he has chosen CA and I had chosen fashion designing.

Finally before starting our journey to chosen profession’s we had 2 to 3 months’ time summer holidays. He has chosen to stay in Mysore and prepare for CA and I decided to move to Bangalore to pursue my Fashion Designing dream.

So, this how it all went.

And now coming back to the point where I insisted him to come to my house. So, that day we both decided to celebrate our career choices and also to spend some time together.

We have this big house and the terrace of my house is big, as my parents are open-minded they never minded his presence in my home as he already visited for many times.

As my room is on top in our duplex house, we spent time in my room. Then fought funnily with pillows and then we moved up to skate for some time on the terrace.

At one side of our terrace is not so open and visible to others, so occasionally we started kissing while skating together. We bought the required foo to dine on terrace itself, so there was no worry of servants to come.

And even the terrace entrance was closed to skate properly. So, we started kissing, kissing while skating and romancing. After a while, we were tired and sat to rest. The place was very low to be visible to anyone and he came nearer to me.

Placed his hand around my neck and pulled me little towards his mouth and we smooched. That day while kissing, he went on me and I was flat on the floor. He was on top of me and his hands were searching for a place to get addressed.

Soon he found the mountains and started rubbing his hands on them. Those mountains became a softball kind of thing and he started pressing them. Oh! It was so awesome when he pressed those boobs of mine for the first time properly.

He hard basketball hand was a duty to my boobs and I was smooching him out of pleasure. He went down, removed my shorts and soon I was naked.

Went in between my legs and started licking my pussy, It was a new experience but a wonderful one. He licked my pussy with the tongue and stimulated my clit.

I held his hair tight when he was in labor with my pussy. Even pulled one or two of his hair out of horniness. Then he pulled his dick out, stroked it on my pussy lips and then pushed it in.

Whoa!!!!!! That was awesome though it pained a bit. After entering in, he applied little thrust on his dick to swim in my pussy. Well, the way he swam made me go crazy with moans.

Though moans were not loud, the ecstasy I was going through all the while when he was making his penis plunder my vagina was awesome.

Finally, after five minutes of awesome feeling, It came to a halt when he came and he fell on me. We both were drenched in the sweat. Already the May is very hot time and upon with this act, we literally drenched in our own sweat.

So, it was it. It was a start to euphoria phase of my sex life and we are going still going strong in our bond.