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Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls – IPG’. This is a teen sex story of Monica with Justin who made love after a breakup.

I am Monica, I am 24 yrs old now. At the age of 21, I fell in love with my 10th classmate Justin. We both completed our bachelor’s by that time. As we planned to study MS on foreign land, I decided to go to the UK to pursue MS and he decided to go to Italy.

Well, our love became long distance relationship and during one of our university holiday, we both made a plan to travel around Europe and finally, we became intimate on that trip.

Well, this story is not about our first-time sex, this is about after that. So, keep patience dear ladies. So, after that trip, we hook up for almost couple of times.

After completion of our education in different countries we turned 23 yrs old and eventually we found that we are not a good compatible partner as our thought process and domination parts are same. We never compromise and eventually, we broke up. Our friendship from 10th also gone.

So, one year went without any communication between us. I came back to Indian to work for an Indian Company in Mumbai and I never bothered to know much about his whereabouts. Well, one fine day I got an FB message from him to accept his request.

I did and he mentioned that he is in Delhi and working for an IT firm. At first, our talks were very casual and then eventually we started talking every day on WhatsApp and started sharing our day to day life happenings like earlier.

One day he confessed that he misses me, especially our moments on the bed. And there me where I was also missing his presence in my life only on the bed. So, we figured out that we are missing sex in life.

Now c’mon we are 24 and body need that teen sex dose in the body to keep us energetic and effective in life.

So, our conversations led to sex positions every now and then, started sharing porn videos which I liked or which he like. We opened up again and eventually understood that we need it in life.

After a lot of discussions, we finally understood we wanna be ‘friend with benefits’ kind of relationship. We care for each other, we have sex in life but we don’t wanna be life partners. So, this is how we decided to hook up.

Finally, we made a checklist which was like,

1) We don’t expect anything from each other

2) We only expect good bedtime with each other

3) No emotional drama in future

4) Will be friends

So, these checklists were OK for us. And we locked a date to holiday for 3 days in Delhi itself as long weekend heading at that time. We booked a room in the Zostel, Delhi, not a dormitory. Zostel has both dorms and separate rooms.

I reached on Friday evening and he came to receive me, he was in his regular formals and sporting a clean-shaven look. As we both met, he hugged me and then we boarded a cab to our hotel booked location.

We reached to the Zostel, checked In, got fresh up and went out to party at Hauz Khas. After having two pints of beer we came back to the hotel. While going to fresh up before going to bed.

And we are on the bed, he switched off the lights and we turned towards each other. There was a space between us and first, we filled that by getting in the arms of each other and hugged tight.

Then the moment started when our lips touched each other after a year of distance. That was when the thing which was hidden for a year came out, the horniness.

We rolled on the double bed from this end to that end and that end to this end while smooching. Then he moved on top of me. His dick was touching me on my tummy from his boxers, he moved a bit down where he dick from his boxer can touch my pussy.

He moved his ass up and down, and then came up and kissed my lips again. Slipped his hands on my boobs and pressed them. Then he was about to insert his hands into my top and I pushed him aside. I went on top of him.

Ha Ha! He didn’t expect that move either. I made myself comfortable on top of him and slept with him. Smooched him and then we got up to sit like a cowgirl. I rubbed my pussy on his cock and I sensed when his dick was growing under my pussy.

I removed his t-shirt and slept on his naked chest for a while. Then we sat on our knees facing each other. He removed my top and started kissing from forehead to neck to boobs. When he reached boobs, I bent backward and he moved with me.

We were in a comfortable position now and he was making best out of my boobs. He has shown how much he missed my melon in that whole year. HeHe! Well, he left love marks on my neck and on my boobs.

Then he moved little down from my boobs to my navel and licked. Came to the top at my boobs again with his tongue and then to the down at navel again. Removed my pants and I was on my panty, he kissed on top of my panty at the pussy and bit it. I moaned with ahhhh!

And then he kissed at the thigh and removed my panty. My clean shaved pussy was giving the odor of my soap and he was smelling it which was mixed with my pre-cum smell.

I was wet in my pussy and he was with his tongue at it to make it juicier. He played with my pussy lips and clit, entered my hole and made a proper goal with an awesome blowjob which brought a pre-orgasm to me.

Then he took his dick out, well he knows that I don’t like to give a blowjob and he didn’t ask me. Then he tapped the dick on my pussy with his pink bulge and rubbed it in between my pussy lips before entering into me.

When he was in me, it was a different heavenly feeling. Been missed the intimacy for a year and finally got it back is what I felt, well we felt.

Then he went on and made a movement front and back. Then took my leg on his shoulder and thumped hard this time. Awe! The penetration was deeper in that position and it touched the spot. He came after some time, but I was still waiting for my orgasm and we slept off after that.

So, this is how my teen sex started again.

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