First Time Sex Of A Senior With Her Junior

first time

Hello Ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is a first time sex story of a couple who are senior and junior in the college.

I am Vidhi, now I am 24 yrs old. But this story happened when I was 20 yrs old and with my junior Aslam. Aslam was my junior in the college and we both studying in the same CSE branch in the engineering.

When I was in the 3rd year, Aslam joined the 2nd year directly in the college from polytechnic. Though he is of my age, he is still junior to me as per college rules. 😀
I first met him during a ragging session to the freshers. Aslam is a hyper guy and he is a big feku at the time. But I somehow started liking him even though he is a feku. Maybe a month later of that first ragging session, we met in the library for the 2nd time.

That day he asked me if I can share any of my notes or books of my 2nd years. I said yes and when I gave my book to him next day, his hand touched mine and it felt something different.

I wasn’t a believer of those lovey dovy Bollywood kind of love but them somehow I interested to start a conversation with him. Every day for an hour we started hanging out in the library. Though the library is a place of silence, we use to still talk in a whispering tone.

So, during a semester preparation holiday, we weren’t going to college and we both started missing each other. It was visible and I can sense it, but I didn’t utter the same to him. After 5 days of preparation left, he asked me whether I could meet him.

I said yes as I was bored to the core with preparation for a whole day. I asked him to meet me near my room and he came right on time. We had some food outside with ice creams, then we took a walk on a bridge.

We got indulged in the talks and after some time we observed that we almost crossed the bridge and entered a little dark area. That time he held my hand and proposed to me, I was expecting it but not this early.

Anyways, I nodded with yes and he locked my lips with a strong smooch. Right at that moment, we almost forgot about the surroundings and indulged in kissing for a long time.
That day after that moment, we were in euphoria. It was insanely awesome feeling which I never had in my life. It was my first love and first time kiss.

After a couple of days, we met again, this time at the same place and we hugged tight. And his chest was pressed against my boobs. We pressed against each other like amateurs in this task and of course we were.

That night we did chatting for the whole night and slept almost at 5 AM. Next day we were eager to meet again and this time, I told him to come to my room as I live alone. I asked him to come to my room at 8 PM as at that time my house owners will be locked in their house due to the cold outside.

He came to my room and I quickly locked the door. Without wasting any time, we hugged again and he placed a kiss on my lips. Our mouth stuck to each other like we just made use of fevicol and we didn’t leave each other for almost 15 minutes.

As we weren’t afraid of anyone, we smooched bindass. It was time to proceed further and his hands reach for my melons. He took a hold of my boobs by inserting his hands under my top and I was enchanted for his touch on my melons again.

Eventually, we shifted to the bed and he was on top of me. Together we rolled on my queen-sized bed by caressing our assets. It was a fun filled roll and we were giggling while rolling.

Then we stopped our roles and he removed my top and I unbuttoned his shirt. First, his bare body touched my breast and then he started sucking them very softly. It was our first time and at that time we had no idea which way is good. We went with a flow and he reached my nipples, my nipples were erected like points.

Then he removed my night pant and the panty, rubbed my pussy with his fingers and also jerked his dick a little while fingering mine. I have sensed a wetness in my pussy and he gave a look that we are ready for our big day.

Aslam took a condom from his pants and then dressed his cock in it. Held his cock with his right hand and widened my legs with his left hand. Tried pushing it in and it gave a horrible pain at first. He tried again and this time, I pushed him back.

So, he started fingering my pussy for a while and that fingering session was awesome. After done with one finger, he did it with two fingers. I felt wetter in my pussy and he was back in action with his dick.

This time it went little smooth into my pussy and I was kind of OK with it. After it went in, he moved his body front and back, the dick moving in my pussy feeling was for the first time and I was on cloud nine.

We were done maybe after 5 minutes and that was it, that was my first-time sex experience with Aslam.