She Loves It When Her Husband Humiliates Her


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“Do you see that?” Jens asked, reaching for my butt. “This is the pussy you gave birth to.”

My gaze was fixed on the ground. I did not dare look back. I heard my own breath and Jens as he opened a drawer.

“For lying, your mother will now be punished!”

I just heard he was digging something out of the drawer. I was afraid of what might happen. Suddenly I felt a cold object that was introduced into my wet pussy. It was thick and long and slipped deep inside me. By the surprise I could not suppress my groans.

“Not!” I cried, breathing heavily. “Please, not to the children!”

But no chance. Jens pulled the object out of me to guide him back into me. He fucked me with it and I wondered what it could have been for a device. At least he had taken him out of the kitchen. Later I knew that it was a glass mortar with which he fucked me. Of course he did it with the round and not with the mortar side.

“Do you like that?” Jens asked and continued. I moaned and tried to say, “Please, Jens … Stop … Not before our children … Please
I would not have bought it myself, because I thought it was cool. Extremely horny. Suddenly, Jens pulled the mortar out of my pussy. “Who of you wants to try it?” He asked.

Again I twitched as if petrified. What was he doing? Did he really want one of my sons with the thing in the pussy? Would he go so far? I found it wrong, perverse and sick. My mind was scared, but my body wanted something back in my pussy.

And while I thought about how horny and slant I would find it, I felt the now warm mortar slowly penetrate me. I enjoyed every inch.

I looked down at the floor and said feet that were in front of me. I looked up and saw my grinning man. Immediately I turned around, because when Jens stood before me: who made it with the mortar dildo?

“Max!” I cried out loudly to my son, who was behind me and pushed the part into the pussy. “I am your mother,” I cried.

He immediately left his hand from the mortar and looked at me in horror. The mortar was so deep in my pussy that he did not move.

“She’s right, Max,” said Jens suddenly. “Let your brother play”

Tim came to me after a moment’s hesitation. I looked at my children’s faces and did not recognize them again. They had a facial expression that seemed familiar to me. A facial expression like Jens had when he dominated me. Same face expression as I was when I was aroused. The same facial expression I had while I looked at my sons and Tim grabbed the mortar to put him even deeper into my pussy.

I looked at her and groaned. “So, you bitch” I heard my husband speak before me. I turned back and saw Jens, as he stood in front of me, holding his cock in front of my face. “Now you show our sons how well you can blow”

“Jens, please …” I whined. “Not before the children”

But no matter how much I whined, I could not hide my lust and took Jens’s cock in his mouth to blow him.

I felt indescribable. On the other hand, I was humiliated, on the other hand I was enormously cool, when my son fucked me with the mortar and I blew my husband one. At some point, however, he went back a step. I looked forward and licked at the tail I wanted to suck again.

“Max,” said Jens quietly. “Take off your trousers. Show your mother your cock ”

I was surprised how little he hesitated, for he stood directly in front of me. Suddenly a young cock jumped in front of my face. A young tense tail, unused.

“Loll him,” said Jens. Max took a step closer and held his cock to my mouth. “Please do not” whimpered. “I can not…. Not my son ”

“Loll him,” Jens repeated with a demanding voice. Blow my own son? This was so morally wrong, so unbelievable and so damn cool. I took his glans into his mouth and began sucking him wild while his brother made it from behind.

“Do you like that, you bitch?” Jens asked.

“No,” I said with tearful eyes as I could take a breath. “Your son likes it,” said Jens, pointing to Max, who groaned loudly.

“And now you, Tim. Show your mother your cock ”

Tim also did not need two seconds to pull his pants down and hold his tail.

“Look at you,” asked Jens, who was taking a down while he watched me. I turned around and saw the cock of my other son.

“Do you like it?” Jens asked.

I could, no, I did not want to say anything about it.

“Look closely at him. This is the next cock that will fuck you. ”

“Please do not Jens. Not my son. Let’s stop. You’re welcome”

I whined and whined and suddenly felt a fat cock bored through my pussy. I could not believe it, but my own son fucked me. It felt great. But before I could enjoy it and moan loudly, my other son pressed my cock into the mouth.

“You like that, you bitch? To be fucked by your own sons. ”

I could not say anything, because I still suck Max’s cock.

It was the most humiliating of me. He forced our two children to fuck me. My sons, my own flesh and blood – that flesh and blood that just fucked me from two sides. So far, we did everything to keep them from our sex games and now they were part of it. I still could not believe I was fucked by my sons. Neither could I believe that it was no problem for her to fuck her own mother. Max groaned loudly as I blew him a blow. He even grabbed my head and pulled it to him, so I took his cock deeper into his mouth.

Tim also grabbed my ass and gave me firm Shocks. They fucked me as if it were self-evident. They fucked me as if I belonged to them just like my husband. And shit – they were right. I could not show them anything. Through my moans and the stretching out of my butt I showed them that I found it cool.

“Tim, how does Mama’s pussy feel?” Jens asked.

“Very cool, Papa”

“That pleases me. Now let your brother run. ”

Tim pulled his cock out of my pussy and I was frightened. I wanted to have him inside me again.

“Lie on your back, bitch,” demanded Jens.

I listened to Max’s cock sucking and turned me on the back. Immediately lay Max over me and put me his cock in my wet pussy. Like a rabbit, he rammed me hard and I moaned.

“Do you like that, you bitch? To be fucked by your sons? ”

“No” I groaned and lied. “No, no, no” which meant “Yes, yes, yes!”

It was strange to be fucked by my kids. Normally, the fact that I did not want to do something excited me, but at that moment I really wanted to be fucked by my sons. I was sure I had discovered a new sexual preference: incest.

“Tim, give your mother a titty fuck!”

Max leaned back a little so that his brother could squat over me to press his cock between my breasts. Willingly I pressed my breasts together and Tim began to pull his cock back and forth.

“Good!” Jens shouted, pulling himself down a little.

“Show her that she now belongs to you by filling her!”

“Please do not! Please do not! “I groaned

“Be quiet, Mom and suck my cock,” Tim said. Nothing made me hornier than to hear him say that. He continued to fuck my tits and I opened my mouth to suck his glans.

“I jerk off your horny pussy full, Mom” Max groaned behind his brother. Shortly afterwards, I could feel him whipping me.

“And I jerk you on the tits!” Tim shouted. His sperm landed between my breasts, my face and my mouth.

“Swallow, Mom, swallow!” Tim shouted, breathing heavily.

“Yes, you whore,” said Jens. “Swallow the cum of your son!”

I swallowed. My sons descended from me, and let me lie down on the ground full of weight.

They looked at me from above.

“Your mother is your personal harlot now,” said Jens. “You can fuck her from now on at any time. When, how and where you want. Am I right, bitch? ”

“Yes,” I replied, rubbing the sperm on my breasts.

Jens grinned at me and then spoke. “Now that you’ve fucked our children, only one of our family you need to do is missing!”

I looked at him anxiously. I guessed what he meant.

He held two fingers in his mouth and whistled. “Rambo”

Immediately our pitbull came running through the door, panting.

“No! No! No! You can not be serious! ”

Jens grinned sadistically. He was serious.

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