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I am Neha, living in Mumbai with my husband Ashok. I and my husband are hardcore sex lovers. We enjoyed our marriage life for 5 years, now we are looking to do something new. And I and my husband zeroed on cuckold to try.

So, in search of a cuckold partner, I and my husband started finding people on Tinder. We found Lokesh, who is also living in Mumbai and a single guy. I was 7 years elder to Lokesh and he was ready for the cuckold.

When we decided to meet, we decided to meet in Leopold café. Akash went to meet Lokesh and I didn’t accompany him. I wanted Akash to feel safe and secured with the guy whom we are bringing to our home to do a cuckold sex.

After feeling better about Lokesh, Akash brought him to our house to meet me. They both were sat in the living room and were waiting for me in the house. I came down quickly from my room and saw Lokesh, my first reaction was ‘wow’. He was truly handsome with a great physique.

Lokesh was wearing a maroon color polo t-shirt with blue shaded jeans. I can see he dick which was clearly visible from his pants. We together sat in a living room and started about all casual stuff.

I was quite waiting for my husband or Lokesh to make a move to start the session what we planned for. But both of them were busy in talks, so I thought to take a lead and start. I said looking at both of them, like are we going to do anything or we gonna talk the whole day?

I removed my top and dropped my shorts off, my husband was blushing and I winked at him. I was naked, exposing my boobs, nipples, shaved pussy and ass cheeks. Lokesh was looking at me in aww and kept his hand on his dick.

I told to Lokesh and Akash, that I will be waiting for them in my bedroom. I slept on the bed, widened my legs and folded them till the knees, then placed the hand on my shaved pussy and started stimulating my clitoris.

Lokesh was taking the time to get undress as he was staring at me with huge desire. I asked him whether he will come and eat my pussy or he gonna stay there itself. Listening to that, Lokesh hurried up and then dove himself in between my legs. My pussy was already in an excitement and it was getting wet.

As Lokesh was about to lick my pussy, Akash entered the room and sat on a chair which was exactly opposite to us. Akash was in shorts and t-shirts, and he entered the room with a wine in his glass. He was sipping it while watching our show.

Lokesh sucked my pussy and I felt like he drank the tanks of my pussy juices, with that I felt hornier. I told Lokesh to fuck me now, and with that statement of mine, Lokesh entered his dick into my pussy. I felt awesome for taking his big dick with a real hefty mass around it. I felt like he is tearing apart the walls of my pussy with his dick.

As he fully entered into my pussy, I clenched my pussy muscles with his every stroke. He pumped his dick hard into my pussy and he was also saying, you are a gem. I smiled at him.

I asked him to fuck me hard, but he was hesitant. He wanted to extend the session for some more time without cumming. But I told him again to fuck me harder. The way he fucked me made me scream then, he held my neck in a missionary pose and pounded hard.

I screamed, moaned and then squirted on his balls. He thought I came, but then I was not satisfied yet. I clenched his dick with my pussy muscles again and he was shocked for me for getting horny again in such a fast succession.

He started pumping his dick again in my pussy. I asked him to stop for few minutes and to lay beside me. He was hesitant at first as he was in full mood to dig my pussy harder. When he took out his dick, I squirted hell lots of cum on the bed.


As he laid beside me, I told Akash to undress and clean my pussy up. I guess Akash was waiting for this moment, he quickly removed all his clothes from his body and jumped in between my legs. He made slurping sounds like he was drinking soup while he was licking my pussy juices.

I and Lokesh hugged encircled each other in arms, whereas Akash was busy in cleaning my pussy. We three slept off for a while and then little later I took Lokesh’s dick into my mouth. Oh! God, his dick was so big in my mouth.

I looked at Lokesh and asked, are you ready for one more time. With as hard as his dick was in my hand, he nodded his head. I sucked his dick for a little while longer then moved on top of him. I positioned his dick at the entrance of my pussy and told him to just lay there as I’ll ride it.

I then slowly slid down the length of his dick and started massaging his dick with my pussy. While riding his dick in this cowgirl position I felt like I was out of this world. His dick has started working in pussy up and down, I felt like he may cum now.

So I leaned over him and whispered in his ear, that no, no, no, you have already come inside my pussy. Don’t cum in my pussy again, because my ass and mouth will feel jealous. With that said, I raised up and turned around, took his hot dick out from my pussy and placed it at the entrance of my anal hole.


I then slid down his dick with my ass, taking all of it in cowgirl position again. I moaned and said like this is awesome Lokesh when I said that Akash was looking at me. I pumped his dick hard, while he fingered my clitoris.

Now with that fingering at my clitoris, I was up for orgasm and he was ready to cum in my ass. When I came it was huge, I squirted like all over his dick and even bed. Lokesh said, OMG! Your cum is so hot baby.

Now with my squirting all over his dick, he was on the edge of coming and he came in my ass. I can feel the release of hot cum of his in my ass. And it was one hell of a wild night with Lokesh.

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