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Hello ladies, Thank you for visiting ‘Indian Pink Girls-IPG’. This is a cuckold story of wife and husband who planned to seduce their owner.

Read the first part Couple Planned Cuckold Sex With The Owner before moving ahead ladies.

Then he lifted my chin and locked my lips with his. Then kept his fingers in my mouth and moved for a while. After that, he tried to impose him on me on the sofa, but I signaled him to go to the bedroom.

He said, OK and we moved to the bedroom. My husband was visible to me because I know where he was and he winked at me. I was feeling shy, tensed, excited and pumped up.
When we went to the bedroom, he went to the bed with me and started removing my clothes. Even I removed his shirt buttons and by that time his hands were on my boobs.

He 45 yrs old hands were moving faster and harder on my boobs compared to my husband. He pressed them hard and I rubbed my hand on his dick. It was getting elongated in is a brisk pace and I was loving to sense that.

The owner was little rough on me which I enjoyed it a lot. Then owner pressed me on my boobs with his chest hard while hugging me tightly. We moved on the bed from that corner to this corner in the hug mode itself.

After that he took charge of my boobs and stared at them like a hungry lion, I can see that from his eyes. He opened his big mouth and placed it on my boobs, sucked whole boobs, bit on the flesh and left bite marks.

Shifted to another boob and now he only played with my nipple by elongating it with his teeth to a little height. I was elated with his skill at the art even after 45 yrs of age. He was with pumped up energy and putting a lot of his weight on me at times.

He licked my lips to cleavage to navel and at that time he pressed his erected dick into my pussy. After reached my navel, he removed my leggings and I was in panty.

Went to my pussy and kissed it. Then he sweetly bit at the pussy on the panty itself before moving ahead with the panty removal process. I like his approach where he isn’t hurrying anything though he got a chance to taste the pussy of a lady.

After removing my panty, he kept his finger in his mouth first, applied his saliva to it and then inserted the same finger into my pussy. I felt thrilled went his inserted his finger without hurrying into me and letting me enjoy the whole process.

One finger was in and dancing in my pussy, next entered another one, now two fingers in and I was feeling very horny. I wanted to check his dick size and he wasn’t allowing me to do so. He held my hands tight and moved his finger in me.

He uses to push his fingers and then pull them out all of a sudden and then push them again. Whenever he pulled his fingers out, he spanked my pussy with his finger and it was creating hornier feeling a lot. It was awesome to experience such ecstasy.

Then he finally opened his pant button and took his dick out from his undie, it was humongous. Bigger and thicker than my husband dick, I was staring at his dick without closing my eyelid and he asked me whether my husband has sucked big dick.

I said no and he laughed. He said, then enjoy it and get to know how it feels to get rode by big dick baby. After saying that, he straightaway inserted his dick into my mouth and held my head tight to thump it in my mouth.

It was the first time I took mouth fucking and he was thumped hard. I literally felt the erection of his dick in my mouth and he came heavily. I thought he might be down now as he came, but he was still high and his dick was straight in perpendicular shape.

I laid on my back and he took his ground in between my legs, my pink pussy was waiting for his dick and he tapped with his shaft on my pussy lips at first. Then placed it at the entrance of the hole and pushed it in with a go.

In one go he was into me, I felt heavy pain and I screamed. He said, looks like still virgin though married. Also said, you need nice drill every day with my dick to make your hole big. I laughed for this and said, yes I need it daily I guess with a wink.

I know my husband was enjoying my talks and he might be masturbating by watching us like this.

After his dick was in, he moved his dick front and back. Then he made a semi-circle movement with his dick and then moved little further back, came again to me with huge thrust.

In this way, he thumped me for more than 20 minutes and I was quite exhausted by that time but he asked me to do doggy position. I said I can’t I am exhausted.

He understood the same and he masturbated his dick to come in front of me. With this gesture of his, I understood he is a very understanding person.

We dressed us up and then bid a bye to me as he has to go out. He mumbled in my ear like, if you liked it then call me next time to do the same. Until then will wait for your call. I smiled at him and said bye.

Closed the door and went to see my husband, he was adjusting his dick into his pants while coming out of the room. He hugged me tight when he saw me near the door and said, that was an awesome show.

He asked whether I enjoyed it, I felt shy at first to confess but then said openly that it was an awesome sex I had with him and would love have to more. He was more positive than me and he said, next time will have a threesome.

We even had a threesome, and that story will be for next time. Hope you enjoyed reading my cuckold story.

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